Women of a New Season She

Proverbs 31: 30: Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, but a woman who fears the Lord, SHE shall be praised.

While in the grocery store today, I overheard a young woman on her cell phone. She was talking loud enough that people couldn’t help but hear. During her conversation she dropped the “F” bomb several times. While driving home I was thinking how different the world is today from the one I grew up in.  Men didn’t cuss in front of ladies back then.  And ladies who may have cursed at home held it back in public

If women don’t respect themselves, they can be sure no one else will. In the opening verse I quoted from what we call the Proverbs 31 woman.  She is an example of what we should be.  I know we can’t do all she did, but on the other hand, we can do a lot of it.  For example, it says that SHE opens her mouth with wisdom and on her tongue is kindness.

When you respect yourself, you begin to relate differently to others. You have more confidence, and feel good about what you’re doing with your life and your work, whether it be a stay at home mom, or working the 9 to 5 shift.  Or any other shift for that matter. SHE, that Proverbs 31 gal, perceives that what she does is good. She reaches out to the poor and needy. You may be a single mom with three kids, but someone is worse off than you, so you can reach out to them. Invite them to your house and share your pasta dinner with them.  Offer to babysit their kids one evening.

If you’re married be the kind of woman your husband can trust.  Don’t cheat on your mate, your kids are watching. God is watching, and, you won’t feel good about yourself either. Do your best to keep your home orderly.  It isn’t always easy, but enlist the kids help.  Chores never hurt anyone.

Most importantly, be a lady.  Don’t act in ways that can bring reproach upon you or your family. Changing friends may be a necessity.  Be the woman your kids will look up to.  Be the woman you wish someone had been for you. Showing love and kindness and right living. Take your family to church. Help raise your kids in the knowledge of God. This protects them from drugs, wrong friends, predators and dangerous living.

It is said of the Proverbs 31 woman that her children rise up and call her blessed, and her husband also and he praises her. “Many daughters have done well, but you excel them all”.

You can be that SHE.  That woman other women respect and look to for an example.  The woman whose kids will love and respect and the woman whose husband will cherish.

We have a women’s group at our church called, SHE.  It stands for Sharing His Empowerment.  We learn from one another in our group and we also learn who we are in Christ.  Until next time!

Contact Paula about the SHE Group or Pink Invasion at 304-677-9220 or [email protected]


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