Women of a New Season: Our king is enthralled with his bride

Psalm 45: 11:  Be here…the king is wild for you.  Since he is your lord, adore him.  MSG

It’s very enjoyable for me to read things out of the Message Bible now and then, it makes things really pop out at you.  I use other versions, mostly the NKJV, but the Message is a fun way to look at things.

This little portion of Scripture is from Psalm 45, is alluding to Christ and His Bride, the church, using a wedding Song of the Sons of Korah.  But as you read this, please insert yourself in the meaning.

Psalm 45: 10-12:  Now listen daughter, don’t miss a word: forget your country, put your home behind you, Be here, the king is wild for you. Since he’s your lord, adore him.  Wedding gifts pour in from Tyre; rich guests shower you with presents. MSG

Our God, our King, Jesus, loves us.  He thinks of us all the time.  He cares for us. He desires to lead and guide us in life so that we may spend eternity with Him as His bride. This is a brief description of what the wedding supper of the Lamb will be like.

He wants us to stop fretting over our country and home.  After all this earth is not really our home, we are only passing through. Hebrews 13: 14: For this world is not our home, we are looking forward to our everlasting home in heaven. Living Bible.

The Bible tells us that God shaped us in our mother’s womb.  He knows us inside out, every bone in our body. He knew how we were formed, inside and out. How we were sculpted from nothing into something.  He watched us grow from conception to birth. His thoughts are rare and beautiful. Psalm 139.  MSG.

Do you see how precious we are to God?  He utterly adores us. Literally, the king is wild for us. Keeping all this in mind, and looking at the evil in the world around us, I want you to think of a couple of things. One: Since He made you, He set you in this world at this time, for a purpose.  He gave you gifts that you may not even realize you possess.  Someone needs your gift, the way you too may need the gift someone else has to offer.  The world right now is lacking hope.  People are afraid, and they feel hopeless.  He wants to use all of us to give them comfort so that they too may comfort someone else.  

Two:  He knew you’d be here in these trying times, and He totally trusts you with what you are to do.  And He will protect you, guide you and take care of you.

We serve an awesome God.  What a trite statement that is.  He is more than awesome, but no words of ours can describe Him. You are living the greatest love story of all, the one between you and your king, Jesus Christ.  Open your heart and welcome His love. Lean into Him, lean on Him and lean not to your own understanding. Accept this wild, unending love and live for Him.  Until next time!


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