Women of a New Season: I’m a Jesus fan

Matthew 2:2: “Where is He who has been born King of the Jews? For we saw His star in the east and have come to worship Him.”

Do you love Jesus?  Do you worship Him? Are you vocal about it? Do you get excited about Him, about being in His house and in His presence?  Do you come to church expecting to hear from Him?  Or do you come to church expecting the pastor or the worship team to rev you up?

Years ago my daughter and I sang in a quartet, and after we moved north the two of us sang together.  Back then Southern Gospel was the big thing.  One song we sang was called, I’m A Jesus Fan. The person in the song tells of driving home and hearing people yell and cheer, when he asked them what was happening, they told him they were football fans.  Then he heard another crowd, they were dancing and music was playing loud, he said what is this, and they told him they were rock music fans.

He went to church that Sunday and the preacher said Jesus died for our sins, and he’s coming back very soon. He said he got excited, lifted his hands and started shouting, because he was a Jesus fan.

You wonder if we have any Jesus fans anymore, church is quiet. Too quiet. Don’t get me wrong, church should have things done decently and in order, but a few loud Amens, and hand lifting are awesome.  We aren’t there for our neighbor, we’re there for Jesus.

If you can’t get excited about church, don’t blame the pastor, or the worship team.  They can only lead you into worship not make you worship, the pastor can only tell you the awesomeness of Jesus, he can’t make you believe or appreciate.  If you do believe, if you do appreciate all God has done for you, tell your face, smile, share your joy.  Your joy and your exuberance will be contagious and your fellow pew sitters will catch the joy.

Exuberance means being full of energy, excitement and cheerfulness.  Are you exuberant?  Come alive!  Worship with all your might because Jesus is coming soon. That’s something to shout about.  I’m a Jesus fan, how about you?  Until next time!


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