Women of a New Season: God wants you to speak

Exodus 4: 12:  Now therefore go, and I will be with your mouth and teach you what you shall speak.

Psalm 81; 10:  Open your mouth wide and I will fill it.

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and with every fiber of your being you wanted to witness to them about the Lord, but you just didn’t know how to go about it?  Or perhaps a subject about the Bible or God came up and the folks speaking were totally wrong, but you were unsure of yourself to the point where you just kept silent and berated yourself for the rest of the day for it?

The Lord says we are to put those days behind us. This is a new era in which we are living.  Look around, men are competing in women’s sports, supposedly because they are becoming or have become women. A transgender man is being touted as “Women of the Year.”  We are not to offend anyone with our opinions, but how about our feelings?  I’m offended by these things.  I’m offended by seeing the f---- word on tee shirts, baby clothes, mugs and bumper stickers. I’m offended by hearing my Lord’s name taken in vain. I, like you ladies reading this, was created a woman by my heavenly Father, and you men who read this column were created to be a man by our Lord.  The two genders are meant to procreate.  To work together in making our world a better place, and we do this by teaching others about God.  We do this through our lifestyle and our words.

Please do not let these people stifle your freedom to speak your mind. They certainly speak theirs.  I see it in tv commercials, and in popular tv shows, including Hallmark movies. It’s creeping into every aspect of our lives to be accepting of things which we know are wrong. It’s also creeping into our churches.

It used to be when a man wanted to view porn he had to sneak to the seedy side of town and park behind a big fence to go to an “adult store.”  Now he holds that power in the palm of his hand.  If someone wanted to chance losing their paycheck gambling, they had to drive out of state or go to a particular place, now that too can be done with that small device in our hand, our cell phone.

There isn’t enough space in this small column to do an in- depth teaching, but let me say this quickly.  Jesus is coming back soon to take His people home.  He will not take the person viewing porn and partaking of blatant sin.  Now, this is not the way to witness to someone, I’m talking to Christians right now.  It’s up to us to keep our lives straight and to start telling people about the goodness of Jesus. Even unsaved people are seeing these things that are occurring all around us, and they are upset by it.  Right now, the fields are white ready for harvest.  We my friends are the harvesters.

Learn a few verses and be ready to speak the Word to someone when God puts that prompt into your heart.  You will feel it, you will know, that now, this moment, is the time to speak. He tells us that He will fill our mouth.  Trust Him.  People need to know you care about them.  Share the love, that’s all it takes.

April 23rd, from 6 to 8 pm, we are having a ladies, Night of Worship.  Singing, praising the Lord, with a little teaching, and ministering to one another.  All ladies in the community are invited.  This is just a hint of Pink Invasion.  Remember that?  We want to see how these little nights of worship work, and if bringing back Pink Invasion is part of God’s plan.  Please mark your calendar and join us.  Until next time!


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