Woman of the Most High God: Will you be standing when the storms come?

Storms are coming you can count on it! Life is so uncertain, and we don’t know what will come our way. We are living in perilous times period the only one you can depend on is Jesus.

Are you grounded and rooted in him today? Look at the storms that Jonah went through. He became afraid and ran trying to hide from God. You can’t hide from God. He knows where you are all the time. 

Look at the disciples in the boat out in the middle of the water. Storms came. Jesus spoke to the storms and the winds and waves obeyed his voice. Our father went through the storms, but they had victories through Jesus Christ. 

The country is in bad shape. The only answer is Jesus. Things continue to grow worser and worser all the time period we don’t have to fear, Jesus is always near. He will never leave nor forsake you. He has given us his promise.

Peter was doing alright until he got his eyes off Jesus. People began to sink but Jesus saved him. Jesus is the master of the sea. The one who speaks to the storms, and they obey his voice. Jesus wants to rescue you.

People today are living in fear about what tomorrow might hold. Jesus doesn’t want us to live in fear but our anchor hold in spite of the storm. 

We are living in the last days. Look around you. Homes are being torn apart by drugs and alcohol and abusive situations. Families can’t get along. So much confusion, so much jealousy, anger issues in the lives of people. It seems all hope is gone, but in Jesus there is still hope.

We need Jesus more than ever. We are sailing in the stormy weather. As for me, I can’t even walk without Jesus holding my hand. Do you feel there is no hope for you? That’s a lie from the devil. Are you sheltered in the arms of God? The storms can’t overtake you if you are hidden in Jesus.

The psalmist David tells us that Jesus is our hiding place, we are safe in him. There is hope for the hopeless. Come unto him and be safe. Jesus has never lost a battle, and with him we win. Please come to Jesus today. Backslider come back to Jesus. He’s waiting for you. Christians get a hold of the horns of the altar and hold on tight.

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Rev. Teresa Reid


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