Woman of the Most High God: Who can you turn to besides Jesus?

No one can care for you like Jesus. He loves you. There are cares on every side of our lives. Even Christian people are going through sickness, worries and cares on every hand. Cancer is all around us. The COVID virus keeps rising up its ugly face. But Jesus is still in control.

He died for our healing. The scripture tells us that he is the Lord that he left us. People are living in fear they don’t know who to turn to. Jesus is the only one we can turn to. He’s the only one that can help us.

Things are going to get worse, but Jesus is willing to help you if only you call his name. He’s your only hope. The government can help you. People are looking every which way, and they still haven’t found the answer. 

Where could I go but to the Lord? He’s a friend that sticketh closer than a brother. I have learned to trust in Jesus a long time ago. My trust is completely in Jesus. You can trust him with everything you have, especially your soul. Without him, you can do nothing. Scripture says we can do all things through Jesus Christ. We can’t trust in our money. 

Are you hurting today? Are you sick and afflicted? Come to Jesus today. He’s waiting on you. He’s waiting to hear your hearts cry.

I don’t even try to live my life without Jesus. I know I can’t walk without Jesus holding my hand. He’s Jesus in the morning, he’s Jesus in the afternoon and he’s Jesus in the evening. In my life, he is my blessed assurance. He will never fail me. He watches over me day and night.

When you lay down at night can you rest in peace? Cast all your cares on Jesus, he cares for you. Come to Jesus and let him carry your load. He loves you very much. He really cares about you. Come today. He’s waiting for your call.

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Rev. Teresa Reid


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