Woman of the Most High God :We need to pray for our school system!

We have taken prayer out of schools today. That was a big mistake. Ministers at one time were allowed to go into the school and hold church service. People were saved and born again. At least they heard the word of God and were given a chance to accept Jesus Christ as their savior.

Now teachers are teaching our children who have nothing to do with God. They are teaching students they came from apes. We are and were created in God’s image. He didn’t come from an ape, he created them. Everything that was made was made by God.

If ever we need a God back in schools, it’s now. People are dying and going to hell every day. I have a burden for school children especially middle school and high school students. Why? Because some and most of them don’t know Christ as their savior. 

Take a look at those who are teachers teaching them. Read the newspaper. Watch the news. They’ve made the news, and some of the children will never be the same because of what they have done. We just will forgive you, but you must change your way of living. For most of you, your career is over. Was it worth it? May God help you. 

Children are precious and God sight. He’s not going To let it continue. Children are afraid to go to school because what’s being allowed to take place in our schools. Our children need to feel safe, and parents need the assurance that their children will be safe when they go to school. Church, you had better start praying for your children when you put them on buses. 

Our school system needs Jesus. teachers you’re to love these children not hurt them. Pay day is coming, and I believe it is coming soon! Was it worth what you have done? Get back to Jesus. At least you have done to these children, you have done to Jesus. He also tells us if we harm these children, it is better that a millstone would be hung around your neck.

Accept Jesus as your savior. Protect our children, don’t hurt them. You don’t have that right! 

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Rev Teresa Reid


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