Woman of the Most High God: Jesus tells us to warn the people

Judgment is coming. It must begin at the House of God. From the pulpit to the back of the church. Judgment has started, my friend. 

There has been a great falling away from the church. Men are lovers of pleasures not lovers of God. Only a handful coming to Sunday school, Sunday morning maybe 20 people in the church and Sunday night maybe 10 people. Church, you’ve lost your first love.

Do you check on those in your church, the elderly or the sick? Or do you choose who you are to check one? Everybody in your church body is important to God. not one more than another.

The Bible tells us that all That we are their keepers. Whose job is it to check on these people? Jesus tells us that that we do to the people, we do to him. it only takes a phone call. People feel like they’ve been left out of the picture, and they really don’t matter. We are one body. We serve one Lord. We are to show love for one another. 

Church we have fallen short of what we are supposed to be doing. What about our prayer time? What about our study time? What about our service to Jesus? 

The pastor is the pastor. He or she is in leadership. We must be bold and preach the word of God, not sugar coated. It’s time to get off the milk and on the word. We aren’t babies anymore; we are to make disciples of those around us. Yes, this is hard facts, but it’s the truth.

The word of the Lord is sharper than any two-edged sword. It cuts to joints and marrow. It’s time to be the soldiers Christ has called and chosen us to be. People must choose on their own who they will serve. It is either God or the devil. 

If Jesus comes today, will your robe be white, washed in the blood of the lamb? Will you hear him say, “well done”? The Bible tells us people have ears, but they don’t hear, have eyes but can’t see. Church member is that you? 

People are being warned but not heating the alarm. Jesus told us to blow the trumpet. The next trumpet that may sound will be for the bride of Christ. those that overcome by the word of their testimony and by the blood of the lamb will see Christ. Church, wake up! We’ve slept too long.

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Rev. Teresa Reid


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