Vouchers being offered to help curb cat over-population

TAYLOR COUNTY— With some assistance from the Taylor County Commission, the Taylor County Dog Wardens were recipients of a grant, which allotted funding for the spaying and neutering of felines within the community.
According to Taylor County Dog Warden Gina Whitehair, the grant they received is part of the West Virginia Spay Neuter Program.
In March, both Whitehair and fellow Taylor County Dog Warden Bonnie Bolyard met with members of commission to discuss applying for the grant. The commission voted unanimously to make a contribution of over $2,000 to the cause, as they recognized that the county continues to face the over-population of cats in the area.
Upon receiving the grant late last month, the dog wardens began offering vouchers in the amount of $60 to be put towards the spaying or neutering of cats in Taylor County. The voucher also includes a rabies vaccine for the animal.
Whitehair revealed that the vouchers are only redeemable at one of the two local Audubon Animal Clinics; either Chenoweth Drive in Bridgeport or the Barbour County Highway location in Philippi.
“The vouchers can only be used at these locations because Audubon is kind enough to work with us on special pricing for the vouchers,” she disclosed.
With the voucher, pet owners will only be responsible for about $40 of out of pocket costs toward the surgery.  
Whitehair further shared that the grant made it possible for them to distribute approximately 100 of these vouchers, and to date, she has written 73.
“So, we don’t have too many left. However, not everyone that got one will use it,” she noted.
When questioned about the unused vouchers, Whitehair explained that each voucher is valid for 60 days from the issue date, but after that time, if the voucher goes unredeemed, the dog wardens will consider it void, and are able to reissue another voucher in its place, since those funds were never used.
“This is a really great way for residents to help us get a handle on the county’s feline population. It is a little out of control right now, and although we would love to have a solution to the problem, not having the space at the animal shelter or having a location to put one just for cats is a major issue right now,” she added.
In order to take advantage of the spaying and neutering vouchers, you must be a Taylor County resident. Requests for a voucher may be emailed to [email protected]
Additionally, those wishing to obtain a voucher may also call or send a text message to 304-694-3690.


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