The History of Taylor County Chapter Three Hundred-Forty-Four

Killed in Accident

The home of Mrs. Rebecca Henderson Radcliffe on cottage I was terribly sad and when she learned of the death of her son William T. On the evening of May 29, 1907. The young man 21 years of age was employed as a brakeman on the Grafton Belington division of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad and engaged in making up his train yard at Belington. Like many of the employees at the time he had the habit of lifting the coupling between the cars with his foot with the result his foot was caught between the bumpers in his body drone under the wheels and horribly mangled and life crashed out. The train drawn by driver William Wren of Grafton and conductor storelipper became aware of the accident up on the occurrence and has sent to the scene but the unfortunate young man was beyond all earthly aid. They gathered up the body of the victim and brought it to Grafton where the undertaker John a. McCabe was notified and who prepared the body for burial. A member of the Lotus lodge ancient order of United workman who held ritual services at the grave in the family bury and ground on Glady Creek, Sunday, June 1.


The graduating class of Grafton high school in 1907 was composed the 17 members who were Harrison Cassel, Jesse Cochran, Emma Coffman, Georgia Coffman, Dolly Davidson, Mabel Dunnington, Seva Kimmel, ward Lanham, Mami Phillips, Susan Schreier, Alberta shackle Ford, Evelyn Tapp, Myrtle White, Rhea Warden, Enola Wagner, Nellie White and Florence White. 


Harrison Cassel is a resident of Fairmont. Miss Jesse Cochran prepared for a teacher’s course and is at a present member of the faculty of old Central Elementary school. Miss Emma Coffman is the wife of a. E. Jackson and resides at Fairmont, Miss Georgia Coffman is the wife of W. K. Schaeffer and it last account resided at Detroit. Miss Dolly Davidson resides at Flemington. No information concerning Mabel Dunnington. Miss Sarah Kimmel married Edgar Doll of Grafton and is a resident of New York City. Ward Lanham is a prominent attorney at Fairmont. Miss Mamie Phillips is the wife of J. W. Law and resides at Clarksburg. No information concerning Susan Schreier. Alberta Shackleford is the wife of Neil Heflin and resides at Fairmont. Evelyn Tapp Is the wife of W. L. Rodrick and resided in the state of Florida. Myrtle White is the widow of George Hamilton and resides in New York City. Miss Rea warden for a time taught in the public school system of Grafton and was married to Dr. Makowsky, she passed away some years ago. Enola Wagner was for some time a teacher in Grafton high school and married to Mr. Conway and is a resident of Marion County. Nellie White is the wife of Frank sterling and resides in Grafton. Miss Florence White prepared for a teaching career and is now a member of the faculty of central elementary school.


The tragic death of George Henry Lake 


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