The history of Taylor County Chapter Three Hundred-Fifty-Seven

Republicans Triumph

The Scilorf Club entertained with their usual Halloween dance Thursday October 29, 1908 with Vincent superb orchestra furnishing the dance numbers during the evening.

The first prenuptial bachelor me and Grafton was that tendered Vaughn M. Kerr prominent local merchant engaged to wed Miss Minnie Willhide on November 5, 1908. Friends collected about Mr. Kerr who had immerse elaborate dinner prepared for his friends he was wined and donned to satisfy the most exacting. Despite the hurrah of the election going on about the streets Mr Curran friends forgot all else except the fine feast to which they did justice. Mr. Kerr on this event that was to terminate his singleness was host to Messers Nathan Patterson, John McCafferty, Carl D. Byers, John Rose, John Giggley, Lloyd Warthin, William Kimmel, John Gerkin, Terrance Mackey, Jesse Wolfe, Claude Vincent and Leo J. Rasche who toasted and congratulated the groom on his marriage on the morrow. 

In the election on Tuesday November 3, 1908, the national, state and county republican ticket was elected. Ira T.  Robinson for judge of the supreme court, Okey A. Hefner for sheriff, Gene W. Ford for prosecuting attorney, Hayward Fleming for clerk of county court and L.C. Haymond for assessor. 

The death of Fredrick Bernholf at his home on West Main Street came as a shock to the people when it was known he had passed away November 8, 1908. A resident of Grafton since 1868 he came to take charge of the bakery connected with the historic old Grafton Hotel, ambitious like all men of his nationality he severed his connection with the local hotel after a short time and established a bakery in the old Powell Tavern on Railroad Street and prospered moderately. He married in 1879 and his wife found a woman of most excellent business ability and the couple amassed a considerable fortune and property. He purchased the McCormick block after the death of Samuel P. McCormick and a great believer in the movement of the YMCA he made the association of gift of his valuable property. He erected the two-story business and apartment building on the site of the old Powell Tavern which was erected by William Powell in 1853. Mr. Powell was commissioned the first postmaster at Grafton in 1854 and established the post office and part of the Tavern. Mr. Powell died July 25, 1861 and was entered in the Smith cemetery at Pruntytown. The Tavern passed into the hands of his daughter who conducted the hotel until it was disposed of two Mr. Bernold. He erected the fine frame residence out on Main Street at the point known as the Bernold curve where he died on the above date. His remains were carried to Bluemont cemetery and laid beside the body of his wife who preceded him and death on November 11, 1904.

In the 51 years since the old hostel hostelry, he was open to the public in between whose walls so many of the social events of early years were held many great and near great people of their time have been entertained, but the march of progress takes no account of the historic value of the place or building and ruthlessly tears it apart for the convenience of men or trade.


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