Positive drug screen less than 24 hours from rehab release sends Beavers back to jail

TAYLOR COUNTY—After pleading guilty in February, and being placed on an alternative sentence, a local man’s sentence was reinstated after he tested positive for drugs.

49-year-old Clinton Keith Beavers was back in Taylor County Circuit Court before the Honorable Judge Shawn D. Nines for a revocation hearing after continued drug use was reported to the court.

Beavers had previously pleaded guilty to one count of attempted grand larceny and was sentenced to not less than one nor more than three years in a state penitentiary, but the defendant’s sentence be held in abeyance, and he was placed on supervision by the Taylor County Community Corrections Program.

As part of the deal, Beavers was told to adhere to the terms of the program and to refrain from violating any laws of this state or another, and that he would was bound by the court to stay in West Virginia and was not allowed to leave without the written consent of the program’s director.

In addition, while on the Community Corrections Program, Beavers was prohibited from possessing or consuming any controlled substance and barred from entering any establishment that sells alcohol for on-premises consumption.

Beavers was subject to random drug and alcohol screening while on the program, as well. And that component would be his eventual downfall.

While serving his alternative sentence through Community Corrections, the defendant was permitted to attend the BBC Rehab program, which he successfully completed on April 15.

According to court documents, officials at the facility recommended that he be transferred to a sober living center for additional treatment, however Beavers refused to go.

He was placed back onto the Community Corrections Program, but his time on the outside of prison bars would be short lived.

On April 18, a report was submitted to the court that revealed the defendant presented a positive drug screening just 24 hours after being released from the drug rehabilitation program.

A warrant was issued for his arrest, and was executed the following day. Beavers remained incarcerated until a revocation hearing could be held in Taylor County Circuit Court.

During his recent hearing, Greg Michael, defense counsel for Beavers, told the court that his client admitted to the allegations presented in the report, noting that his drug addiction got the best of him.

Pointing out a need for rehabilitation, Michael petitioned the court to allow the defendant to be placed back onto the Community Corrections Program, so that he could address the issue.

He further revealed to the court that Beavers wished to attend a long-term drug treatment program, if he could secure a bed in a facility.

Taylor County Prosecuting Attorney John Bord voiced that while the state would ask that the underlying sentence be re-imposed, he would not object to Beavers being allowed to attend a long-term treatment program.

Agreeing with the state, Judge Nines ordered that the defendant’s Community Corrections be revoked, and his one-to-three-year sentence for attempted grand larceny be reinstated.

He further ordered that Beavers would remain in the Tygart Valley Regional Jail, however the court would consider his release should he be able to obtain a bed in a long-term drug treatment program.

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