Local woman sent back to jail during Circuit Court proceedings

TAYLOR COUNTY—Earlier this week, Nineteenth Judicial Circuit Court Judge Shawn D. Nines heard cases in Taylor County Circuit Court pertaining to numerous matters. Among them was the case of a woman who failed to adhere to her supervised bond and take drug treatment seriously.

After being indicted by the Taylor County Grand Jury in September 2020 on the charge of breaking and entering and conspiracy, Misty Sue Stanton entered into a negotiated plea agreement with the state, that ultimately resulted in her allowance into the Taylor County Community Corrections Program.

Through the program, Stanton was permitted to seek drug treatment at various rehabilitation centers. On April 29, she was released from the Tygart Valley Regional Jail on a $10,000 personal recognizance bond to attend a drug rehabilitation program at The Center for Hope and Healing in Morgantown.

However, Stanton did not complete the program. She was shown mercy once more by the court system and permitted to attend another program at Recovery Point in Charleston. This time, Stanton failed to report to the facility, and a capias was issued for her arrest on June 11.

Law enforcement officials were able to execute the warrant and arrested Stanton in late January. She was taken back to the regional jail to await a future hearing on the matter.

Last week, alongside her counsel, Ira Richardson, Stanton admitted to the bond violations. The pair petitioned to the court to allow her another chance by placing her back on bond supervision.

However, when Nines questioned Staton about her whereabouts from June until her arrest in January, she revealed that she had been at her home, continuing to use methamphetamines.

Finding that Stanton had been given adequate chances at facing her demons and undergoing drug rehabilitation, Nines ordered that her supervised bond was revoked, and she was remanded back into the custody of the Tygart Valley Regional Jail to serve her sentence.

Noting that addiction is a tough cycle to break, Nines told Stanton that if she were able to secure a bed in a drug rehabilitation center, the court would take under advisement any petition to attend the program.


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