Kicking the COVID blues this holiday season

 TAYLOR COUNTY—As we approach the holiday season of Christmas, we still are all being cautious about COVID.

And while getting all of the family together and around the tree may be difficult this holiday season, there are ways to keep the COVID blues away.

Keep in mind if you have a loved one who is being isolated or can’t get out due to the virus, you can still keep them in the holiday spirit and included. Here are some helpful tips on keeping isolated love ones near and dear this holiday.

Technology can be a wonderful tool to keep in touch with family and friends this holiday season.

Scheduling video chats is one way to stay connected, and most video conferencing apps are free or are set at a low cost. Plan regular chats, such as a group chat and add all family members.

Include family members in social media post and tag the family member in those memorable photo post.

With the pandemic, technology has been our friend and maybe this time of the year it wouldn’t be a bad time to set up that account on social media that you may not have.

Dropping off supplies to those who are isolated or can’t get out much is a great way to brighten their day.

Put together care packages of supplies or holiday treats and deliver them in person, so you can see the smiles that result from being able to visit with someone familiar. To that individual seeing one person may be better than none.

Take time to let your loved ones know that you can with heartfelt sentiments.

Send uplifting messages in the mail or leave uplifting messages on the door. A small message of how they are still on your mind this holiday season could mean a great deal.

Those still planning on family gatherings should consider sending out invitations for the holiday event to those who can’t attend, just so they know you haven’t forgot about them.

Going back to the tip above, utilize technology and maybe have them attend virtually.

Also engaging the isolated member to be able to still help with holiday preparations makes them feel included.

For example, making a favorite pie for a gathering or party could still be possible. Prepared dishes and desserts or purchased items could be picked up before hand and taken to the family gathering.  

The holidays are a time of togetherness for friends and families and important family traditions should still be carried out in spite of the COVID pandemic. However, because of the health risks associated for the virus, carrying out those traditions and gatherings may have to be altered.

Whatever your plans, the staff of the Mountain Statesman wishes you Happy Holidays!


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