Grafton Recovery Center providing help since 2018

GRAFTON—Dr. Andrew Berardinelli’s first-hand knowledge of drug addiction came with his work at the Grafton Hospital Emergency Department. The ED is often the only place available for those looking for help. To help find treatment for these individuals, Dr. Berardinelli started the Grafton Recovery Center in 2018 and has since helped hundreds of patients. 

“As a community hospital, we try to meet the needs of the community and providing addiction help was the biggest need,” said Dr. Berardinelli. “We were seeing so many people coming to the hospital with substance use disorder, and there was really nowhere to send them. Trying to get people into rehab was difficult. Those beds were very hard to come by.”

He continued, “With our program, our concept is to try and address all areas of one’s life, not just substance use disorder. We refer everyone in our program for a full psychiatric evaluation which we do here at the hospital. Therapy is also generally a big part as well. We also work on the patient’s social needs such as education, housing, and employment through our case manager, Helen Darcus. The idea is not to just give a medication to someone and say good luck. Rather, we try to improve every aspect of our patient’s life.”

Helen Darcus generally runs the day-to-day operation of the Center and schedules intakes for the Comprehensive Opioid Addiction Treatment Program (COAT). Nurse Practitioner Amy Gutshall works with Dr. Berardinelli and runs groups in the COAT clinic. The program helps get patients into 28-day rehab, sober living homes, and into detox if needed. 

“We see now, maybe more than ever, the importance of this clinic, locally, at Grafton City Hospital,” said Kevin Gessler, Chief Administrative Officer at Grafton City Hospital. “It provides those in need with a patient-centric and close to home program to positively impact the lives of those in our community. We are fortunate enough, through Dr. Berardinelli and his team, to be able to provide such a remarkable treatment program.”

The Grafton Recovery Center is open Monday through Friday from 9 AM – 4 PM for intakes, and patients can call for an appointment at 304-265-7180. Walk-ins are available 8 AM – 8 PM. Patients can contact the center at [email protected] After hours help is available at 304-265-7122 in the Emergency Department.

The hospitals of the Mon Health System have created the Mon Health Recovery Care Program. Grafton City Hospital, Mon Health Medical Center, Mon Health Preston Memorial and Mon Health Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital provide a variety of services, in collaboration with Valley Healthcare, including peer recovery programs, Overdose Survivors Outreach Program, Reverse Cycle Program, and a Comprehensive Opioid Addiction Treatment model. 

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