Grafton High School tennis season in review

Young led boys team, while the girls were led by Lima

GRAFTON—The Grafton High School tennis team finished their season last week, in the West Virginia AA regional tournament.

The Bearcats brought many new faces into the season this year, but continued to improve throughout the year.

The boys team, led by Austin Young, finished with a 1 and 11 record, while the girls team finished with a 2 and 10 record.

The girls team was led by exchange student, Ana Julia Lima.

The boys roster consisted of k,Tim Thompson (12), Skylaar Mease (12), Austin Young (12), Phillip Rager (10), Trevor Swiger (10), Hunter Neel (10), Jacob Bolyard (10), Jacob Freeze (9), Tanner Taylor (9), Patrick Reneua (9), Noah West (9), Alec Correia (9), Thomas Copeland (9), Marik Chambers (9) and Colt Blake (9).

The girls roster consisted of, Haley Wolfe (12), Ana Julia Lima (12), Callie Stout (12), Cassandra Stout (12), Bethany Daetwyler (12), Lauren White (11), Savanah Carter (11), Serra Ross (11), Tania Bell (10), Haleigh Cook (10), Abby Miller (10), Natalie Weber (10), Brooklyn Teeple (10), Darcie Shemblin (9), Morgan Johnson (9), Tania Abell (9) and Hannah Birmingham (9).

In individual varsity action, the following records were recorded: Young (4-6), Thompson (2-10), Copeland (1-9), Bolyard (2-5), Reneau (0-6), Mease (0-1), Swiger (0-1), Chambers (0-1), Lima (5-6), Daetwyler (3-6), Carter (0-4), Teeple (1-5), Stout (0-6), Wolfe (1-4) and White (0-1).

In the girls regional action, Lima, Daetwyler, Wolfe and Teeple advanced to the second round, while the doubles team of Lima/Daetwyler, advanced to the semi-finals.

The doubles team of Stout/Wofle also advanced into the second round.

On the boys side, the doubles team of Reneau/Chambers advanced into the second round.

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