From the House to Your Home: Summer Happenings

The Legislature may not be in session but we are busy studying issues and developing policy ideas for next session. We have near monthly meetings to discuss and hear from others on issues at hand. Other developments; however, such as the reversal of the Roe v Wade US Supreme Court decision which returned abortion law to the states, and the large budget surplus have expanded our scope of topics that are being reviewed.  

Governor Justice has proposed special sessions to address these topics. His proposal for the large budget surplus is a 10% reduction in everyone’s personal income tax without raising any other taxes. I support the idea 100% and sponsored House bill 4007 during the 2022 regular session to do just this. The bill passed the House 76-20 on partisan lines with Republicans in support and Democrats against. During session there were concerns from the executive that there were stipulations in the ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) that we would not be in compliance with the act if we made the cut. Now, the executive feels that our surplus is enough that we will be able to meet the stipulations. The Governor indicates the bill will be ready during our July 24-26 meeting schedule. The full Senate has not indicated that they are in support of the bill yet because Senate President Craig Blair stated they prefer removal of the business equipment and inventory tax and tax on vehicles over this idea. I recognize with inflation and the high prices of everything we must do this now and allow residents to keep more of their own money.

For concerns about abortion laws in WV, we are reviewing what is currently in our statutes and will address the concerns in the next month or so. The topic is mentioned in a wide range of locations in our state code from health to criminal law and licensure to insurance. We are reviewing all areas and talking with our members. Elected officials are hearing from their constituents. Currently abortion is outlawed in WV with the overturning of Roe v. Wade with the only exception being to save the life of the mother. The only abortion clinic in the state was located in Charleston and they have stopped offering this service. 

Please reach out to me with your thoughts on these or any issues.

 Delegate Amy Summers ( [email protected], 304-641-1159 or 98 Meadland Rd., Flemington, WV 26347)


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