Community organizations offering fun event for father figures and their kids

GRAFTON—Are you looking for something fun to do to get your kids up and moving during this COVID-19 pandemic? Partners in Prevention has an event to get fathers and their children interacting and out of the house.
Partners in Prevention has teamed up with Taylor County Family Resources and Burlington United Methodist Family Services, Inc to provide a scavenger hunt that is geared towards dads.
The Daddy and Me Around Town Selfie Scavenger Hunt began on July 13, but there is still time to take part. This one-of-a-kind event will continue until August 7.
“This hunt is part of the Partners In Prevention fatherhood initiative, which is aimed at getting father figures involved with their children,” said Tracie Dalton. “Because of the current situation, we wanted to come up with a fun, out-of-the-box idea. So, I asked the team since we couldn’t do a group gathering if we could do something creative and remain up to date with the times, and this was our solution!”
All father figures and their kids can enter the scavenger hunt. It is as simple as snapping a picture.
“The rules are simple; we’ve provided riddles with clues for places to visit on the hunt. At each location, participants snap a selfie,” Dalton explained.
She said pictures are then submitted by text to 304-813-2385 or 204-614-0888 to get entered in the fun. Texts must include the participants name, phone number and the first name of each child.
“Each task completed earns participants one entry,” noted Dalton. “However, individuals can submit as many entries as they wish.”
The same locations may be visited more than once during the contest dates to earn participants multiple entries. The more entries, the better the odds of winning.
All entries must be submitted before the contest deadline of 4:00 p.m., on August 7.
According to Dalton, prizes will be awarded for first, second and third place, and winners will be announced on August 10.
For those wishing to take part in the hunt, the following riddles have been provided:
•Spend some time in the sun. Jump, skip, slide, and swing. You’re sure to have such fun at this castle fit for a king!
•Make a visit to this quiet place. Spend quality time lost in a book. But be sure to return it to the case, for the next person to take a look.
•Stop by here for a little perch, Upon the steps of this special church. A place in honor of those who teach us to love one another. A place built to remember all of our mothers.
•Take a stroll down Main Street, to where you can find a good cup of Joe. A café full of sweet treats, that makes the best espresso.
•Take a drive to this beautiful State Park, where you can find many adventures on which to embark. Spend quality time with your sons and daughters, gazing over the Tygart at boats on the waters.


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